Things That Damage Your Eyesight

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We should take care of our whole health, but when it comes to eyes, prevention is better than cure. Most of the people don’t take care of their eyes, but you should know that the improved health of your eyes can make your more beautiful and handsome and more attractive.

Some things that we do can harm our eyes. So look at these things that harm your eyesight and ensure that you aren’t intensifying your vision unintentionally.



avoid smokingAccording to Bishop, we all know all the harms smoking can do to your body, yet numerous people may not understand the impact the negative behavior has on your eyes.

Smoking cause cataract—a condition in which eye can’t see clearly. It also causes retinal diseases that can lead to vision loss. Smoking will worsen any eye disease that you already have. It will affect the muscles of the eye severely, especially when you become older.



Anything you put close to your eye is a potential danger. It usually includes things like your mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and eye creams. So try to use all these far from your lash line.

If you use all these things very near to your eyes, it may cause the blockage of oil glands of your lids. Accumulation here can lead to infections. Try not to live with your mascara on your eyes for a long time because bacteria love to live in damp and dark places. So your mascara will be a breeding place for such infections.



eye dropsWe all know that using eye drops alleviate your eye problems but using so much eye drops on your eyes will badly affect the physique of your eyes as well as eyesight.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) don’t use nonprescription eye drops for your eyes because they don’t improve the health of your eyes but simply make your eyes seem to be less red. You can use eye drops for only a short period of time.

Always follow the instructions of your doctor when using any prescribed eye drops. When using causes irritation eye rash or any other negative reaction then stop using that eye drops and consult your doctor.



Shades won’t merely make you look great. Uncovering your exposed eyes to the sun is really one of the most a prominent things that harm your eyesight, and it can have severe outcomes. For absolute safety try to use a hat that saves your head all around while in the sun.

For more protection, you can also use sunglasses that can block ultraviolet light. You should know that ultraviolet light can cause cataract, harm to the retina and elevate your risk of getting skin cancer on your eyelids.

Sunglasses can assist minimize the effects of bright lights, including headaches, unclear vision or red-eye. Moreover, by using sunglasses, you will look lovely and charming. You will feel much differ by using sunglasses.



using screensEven though technology has some bad effects on our eyes, still we need it and don’t take preventive measures to make our eyes safer.

A couple of things happen when you gaze at a PC. At the point when individuals do concentrate close work, they tend to not squint as frequently as when they’re doing more dynamic exercises. Your eye is centered on one spot for a quite long time, and your eye muscle might cause weariness and feel a feeling of strain.

When you watch the screen of your PC, it will keep your eyes wider, and it causes more evaporation of fluid from your eyes that may lead to dry eyes and eye strain.

So it is recommended to use an eye saver when you have to work on your computer or iPad.



Try to use green vegetables and omega-3 fatty acid that are helpful in minimizing the risk of dry eyes problem. According to Age-Related Eye Disease (ARED) study conducted by the National Eye Institute, some nutrition reduce the risk of getting eye diseases. Examples of such nutrition are vitamin A, C and E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, betacarotene and omega-3 fatty acid.

It is best to get vitamins, minerals and antioxidant through eating various foods because they will help you to avoid contracting eye disease as well as other human diseases.

So if you don’t take care of your diet, you will definitely increase the chance of getting eye diseases as well as other human diseases.



Lack of sleep can prompt various issues, including weight increase, misery and depression, and diminished immune function. Besides, the absence of rest is also harming your eyes (a few signs include jerking, dry eyes, hazy vision, and pain). Make sure to get at least 6-7 hours a night and remember, put down that cell phone before bed.



As enticing as it might be, it’s a major no-no. Rubbing them too hard can break the veins under the eyelids. So to alleviate troubled eyes, attempt an icy pack.



When you are reading in dim light, then your eyes can’t focus on what you read and cause short-term fatigue. When you try to focus, then it creates tears in your eyes.

It is recommended not to study or read anything for any amount of time in the dim light. Try to have light neither very intense nor very dim but be in a light that is normal to your eyes and you feel comfortable enough.



We get it—it’s late, and you’re drained. In any case, that is no reason for not taking your contacts out. Not only does it increase your contamination, but it could also prompt changeless harm to your eyes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention almost one million American visit the specialist every year with eye problems due to contacts.

Extra tip: When you take them out in the evening time, ensure your hands are clean and neat and you utilize additional contact arrangement.



watching tv nightActually, looking at a screen just before bed is bad for you. Such displays may include the screen of your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC. The levels of light are changing quickly, so your eyes need to strive to handle the progressions and changes, which can cause eye fatigue, pain, headache, dry eye, and redness. Far more terrible? It can disturb your rest plan, as well.

On the other side, reading in a faint light isn’t recommended either. Despite the fact that there isn’t a considerable degree of confirmation that says it’s terrible for your vision, it strains your eyes, and it is unpleasant for your eyes, which can make them more drained and red or lead to anguish and distress.

Try to set in front of the TV at a distance neither very far nor very close but at a distance, you feel comfortable with.



We all know that if we take exercise only for 20 to 30 minutes per 24 hours, we can avoid not only eye diseases but also can minimize the risk of all other human diseases. So we should make ‘doing daily exercise’ our habit.



We know that in today’s advanced era it is difficult to avoid the use of the screen or the use of other techs, but we only recommend tactics for you to bring them in your life so that you can minimize the risk of contracting such problems.

You just make a pattern of using all these things in your life that helps you avoid all these diseases.

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