Depression – Symptoms, Causes and Medications

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Depression is a typical and grave medical problem that adversely influences your feelings, your thoughts and your actions. Depression comes due to change in the brain chemistry. Depression is more than just feeling down.

There are some facts which contribute to the inception of depression. These factors include genetics, changes in hormone levels, stress, certain medical conditions, grief or any other challenging life situations.

One or some of the factors mentioned above can bring changes in brain chemistry, and we start feeling depression in various forms. We are so lucky that depression is treatable.

dipressionDepression often leads to losing interest in daily activities (that once you were enjoying) and causes unhappiness.

Depression depletes your energy, liveliness, hope, and drive and making it hard to do what you have to feel better. You should know that overcoming depression isn’t fast or simple, but it is far from impossible. You can’t simply will yourself to “snap out of it” yet you do have some control—regardless of the possibility that your sorrow is severe and obstinately persistent.

The key is to begin small and work from that point. Feeling better requires some time. However, you can get rid of depression if you make some positive decisions for yourself every day.

According to World Health Organization, depression is widespread affecting one of every five women and one of every ten men at some time at their life. It is estimated that 21% of women and 12% of men in the United States face depression at some time in their lives.



Both Men and women of educational level, the field of life, every age, the social and economic background can be the victim of depression. Depression once occurs, then episodes may recur again in life.

Effects of depression can be more severe if it occurs in combination with other diseases like stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.


I have mentioned some of the most common symptoms of depression.


Feeling worthless
Angry upheavals
Loss of interest in favorite things


Disturbed concentrating
Thoughts of hurting yourself
Delusion and hallucination can also happen in case of severe depression.
Disturbed recollecting
Disturbed deciding

Physical issues:

Weight gain
Sexual issues
Unexplained throbbing painfulness
Exhaustion and lack of energy
Changes in longing
Weight loss
Variation in sleep (little sleep or too much sleep)


Missing work, school or different duties
Endeavors to damage yourself
Substance misuse
Withdraw from individuals



Recovering from despondency requires action, however taking action when you’re discouraged and sad is hard. Actually, merely considering the things, you ought to do to feel better such as going for a walk or investing energy with companions can be upsetting.


Science demonstrates that touch treatments can offer a few individuals some assistance with overcoming depression, bring down the stress hormone cortisol and increase the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Procedures to consider incorporate acupuncture, acupressure, rub, reiki and reflexology.


negative manDepressed people pretend to see the whole world negatively. At the point when things turn out badly they pin blame to themselves and when they go right, they consider that as good fortune.

Depression fortifies self-uncertainty and sentiments of uselessness and worthlessness. Try to see and monitor your inner negative thoughts by reminding yourself that your thoughts are that of a depressed person and not a healthy working individual. Try not to consider your considerations seriously when you are feeling low.


A depressed personality tends to think about all that isn’t right and stresses uselessly over all the potential pessimistic outcomes that might arise later on. This negative thought cycle strengthens hopelessness and is not useful in figuring out how to overcome depression.

Mindfulness includes concentrating on the present minute and is expertise that should be drilled. As a rule, our brains are packed with thoughts and concentrating on the current minute appears to be unnatural for our psyches. Practice on engaging your abilities in the instant. Concentrate on touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. Engaging senses leaves less time for stress.


social mediaTry to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other means of social media. It will help you informed from various news regarding sports, politics and other global and current issues that you may be interested in.

Recently research has shown that anyone who reads the status of other people on Facebook are the victims of inferiority complex. So try to upload and write your own status on Facebook and other social media, and when you see comments the people have left on your status, you will feel social and busy.


When we hold bitterness, we are the ones that feel the outrage. The individual whom we are incensed with is most likely happily continuing on his/her living entirely neglectful of your emotions. Try not to permit others to have this control over you.

They might have brought you sadness in the past, make an effort not to allow that gloomy state to proceed—it just impacts you, not them. Figure out how to overlook—they are not deserving of your time. Alleviate the emotional burden, and you will enhance your state of mind and help you to overcome depression and unhappiness.


yogaRegular exercise has advantages for overcoming misery and depression. Exercise discharges endorphins which enhance natural immunity and enhance temperament.

Other than lifting your state of mind, regular exercise offers other medical advantages, for example, bringing down your blood pressure, securing against heart problems, cancer and improving self-esteem. Specialists prompt getting 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise, for example, brisk walking or jogging, minimum three to four times each week.

Yoga is extremely helpful in avoiding depression.


When you feel depressed, then go for some help from others around you. You may help your friend in washing clothes or cooking food. You show some generosity with people whom you love. Do volunteer works for the betterment of society. It will help you to connect more people and will get some appreciation from people around you. It will make you feel like


This thing can be one of the hardest things to do when feeling discouraged or depressed yet it is prominent amongst the most compensating activities. Force yourself to go out. Disconnecting oneself from others might appear a smart thought, however, put a limit on it and after that get out there again. This can have a massive constructive outcome on your state of mind.


sleep wellWe all know that sleep and state of mind are firmly associated. Lacking rest can lead to bad temper and anxiety, while healthy sleep can improve your health and prosperity. Studies have demonstrated that even incomplete sleep significantly affects temperament.

Take steps to confirm sufficient rest determination this will prompt enhanced state of mind and prosperity. The quality of your sleep mainly influences the nature of your waking life, including your intelligence, profitability, emotional equalization, innovativeness, physical vitality, and even your weight.

No other activity conveys such a large number of advantages with so little exertion so go for somewhere around 7.5 and 9 hours rest for every night.


If plausible, try your best to divert yourself from overthinking. Your thoughts are your foe when sadness and depression set in. You should either play with a pet or go outside on a walk, visit a nearby market.

Read a book if you can focus on or complete a riddle. Do make yourself busy in anything to take your mind off the worries and stress. Keeping busy is a robust approach to overcome depression.


omega-3 fatty acid foodsResearch has demonstrated that depressed individuals often do not have an unsaturated fat known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Members in a recent report highlighted in the Archives of General Psychiatry took only a gram of fish oil every day and saw a 50-percent reduction in signs for example nervousness, sleep issue, unexplained feelings of distress, self-destructive thoughts and diminished sex drive.

Omega-3 unsaturated fats can also bring down cholesterol and enhance cardiovascular health. Get omega-3s through walnuts, flaxseed and oily fish like salmon or tuna.


write journalA diary can work in two ways. Use it to record reasons for alarm and stresses. Once in a while, having an outlet along these lines can be alleviating and facilitate your psyche. Another great approach to utilize a diary is to record no less than five things consistently that you are appreciative and thankful for.

This compels us to think more positively and can help to recap us that things are never that awful. In a gratitude diary, you can explain anything that happened on the day that made you feel thankful. A more unusual smiling at you, the sun shining or anything positive will do!

By using a journal, you can also track your changes that would have happened in your condition.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is known for creating low mood over the winter months when there is less daylight. Invest in sunlamp—a 300-watt bulb inside of three feet for 20 minutes three times each day can offer assistance.

SAD manifestations can include sleeping issues, tension, depression, irritability, exhaustion, apathy and loss of charisma and utilizing light can overcome gloom, depression and these different symptoms.


Cognitive treatment can be highly valuable in neutralizing sadness and depression and depends on the rule that specific methods for intuition can trigger particular health issues, for example, depression.

The counselor helps you to comprehend your present thought pattern and recognize any hurtful or false thoughts and thoughts that you have that can trigger depression or worsen it.

The point is to change your methods of thinking to avoid these thoughts and also help your thought patterns to be more practical, realistic and supportive.


Disregarding individual hygiene is a typical symptom of depression. While you won’t eradicate your depression by changing your looks if you take some time to keep up your appearance and hygiene consistently you will feel better about yourself. Shower day by day and brush your teeth and hair.

Try to make yourself presentable when you confront the world, regardless of how terrible you feel. This will enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you are thinking that being overweight is a reason for your hopelessness, then setting an objective to enhance this part of your appearance will improve your mindset and position.


When you find the exact reason that has caused the depression, then it will be easy to reduce the effects of depression on you. It will help you minimize the things that you consider as the triggers for your depression. You can discuss that root cause with your friends or your doctor who can help you more.


Depression can make you need to conceal far from the world and vanish. It’s alright to have some time to be out but give yourself a limit and afterward accomplish something beneficial to enhance your mindset. Depression can be managed well, and there can be an excellent life after depression. Hold tight and keep the confidence.

Even though the above proposals can be compelling, depression that endures ought to be examined further and visit your doctor to converse on any sign is moving in the right direction.

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